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New Arrivals:
Visit the University City of Cambridge, England
Nestled on the River Cam in eastern England, Cambridge is a university city offering magnificent architectural vistas. Among the buildings to be seen are various university colleges, as well as interesting museums and beautiful parks...
Three of the best castle hotels for a historic and enjoyable stay
In many areas of the world, castles are being renovated and turned into luxurious accommodations, while keeping the atmosphere and décor true to the building's past...
Visit a different side of Moscow, Russia
When most people think of Moscow, they think of the architecture, the ballet and culture. Visitors take in the Kremlin, Red Square and Lenin’s Mausoleum, along with St. Basil’s Cathedral with its colourful, onion-shaped domes. However, there is a fun and weird side to this huge city, definitely worth exploring on a holiday in Russia....
Three of the best places to visit in the Cotswolds of England
The Cotswolds of England is a scenic area stretching over six counties. This unspoiled and beautiful area offers landscapes of rolling hills and grasslands, interspersed with unique and original villages, mostly built from the local warm yellow limestone. The Cotswolds have been declared an official Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty...
Four less known destinations for a luxury ski holiday
For those who love nothing more than heading to the slopes and enjoying the après ski experience, it is always good to try something new. Pristine white snow and clear blue skies make for a wonderful experience and you don’t always have to go to the well known and popular spots...
A different experience of India in lovely Goa
Located in western India on the shores of the Arabian Sea, Goa was previously a Portuguese colony and evidence remains to this day...
Take a break in the Lake District of England
The Lake District National Park is England’s largest park and is a spectacular location, offering beautiful lakes, mountainous scenery and picturesque valleys. Each lake and village offers its own distinct character and is a perfect for a holiday break in the U.K...
Enjoy your choice of safari options in Zambia
Zambia offers two of the best and largest game parks in Africa and a variety of different safari options to suit all visitors. Enjoy a visit to South Luangwa National Park, or the Kafue National Park, or indulge in a walking safari in North Luangwa National Park. Try out an exciting canoeing safari along the shores of the Lower Zambezi River....
Try something different in the way of family holiday accommodation this year
Why spend so much money to fly the family overseas, when there is so much on offer in the way of family holidays right here at home? The following are a few suggestions for the best holiday accommodation in the U.K. offering comfort for the parents and lots of local fun for the kids... 
Six of the world’s most unusual skiing locations
For those skiers who have had their fill of the most popular resorts, the following is a choice of rather more unusual destinations to try out this year ...
Tour the hidden side of fascinating Moscow in Russia
Russia is well known for its architecture, culture, music and history, along with its remarkable cities, but there is a hidden side to the country which is equally, if not more, fascinating....
Unusual places to stay on a trip to England
England offers a wide range of excellent hospitality options, including everything from luxury hotels to country retreats, bed and breakfasts and so much more. However, there are some options which are a little out of the ordinary and make for a different and fascinating overnight stay....
Morocco Desert Trips, Marrakech Fes Desert Trips, Merzouga Camel Ride
With Moroccan Desert Trips you can explore and enjoy all that Morocco has to offer, visiting the beautiful Atlantic coast, exploring the historic imperial cities, hiking the high Atlas mountains or camel trekking the sand dunes of the sahara and sleeping in the desert beneath a stunning canopy of stars in our traditional nomad bivouac camp....
On the road in New Zealand: Pancake Rocks & Frying Pan Lake
New Zealand is a country of endless fascination, a unique experience spread over two beautiful islands.  While the cities are great to visit, there is so much more to see off the beaten path and in this article we will visit some of these wonders of nature...
A balcony over the sea in Nerja on the Costa del Sol (Photo Essay)
Nerja is situated on the southern Mediterranean coast approximately 50 kilometers east of Málaga, in the “Axarquía” area and is one of the Pueblos Blancos, or "White Villages," of Andalusia. The town, nestled on the Costa del Sol, got its name from when the area was under the rule of the Moors. They called it Narixa, which apparently means “abundant source,” and there is certainly an abundant source of attractions in this lovely coastal town...
Take a trip down South Africa's Garden Route
The Garden Route, stretching between the Western Cape of South Africa all the way along to the Eastern Cape, is aptly named.  An area of scenic beauty unlike any other, this route consists of beautiful beaches, lush and mysterious forests and rocky headlands...
The benefits of understanding the local lingo on holiday
Going on holiday to foreign lands is great fun, but with a bit of effort it can also become an educational experience.  When visiting countries like Spain or Greece, admittedly many of the locals speak English, but wouldn’t it be great if you could speak to them in their own language and impress them with your multilingual skills? ...
Touring Australia in a Campervan
Australia is such a vast and fascinating continent country, there is much to see and do and a variety of modern cities, beachfront and mountain locations and deserts to traverse.  Hiring a campervan is one of the best options of seeing the country without spending a fortune on hotels and other accommodation...
Morocco: A fascinating destination for the whole family
Morocco is becoming a favourite destination for families and there are many great options available. Whether it be a family trek along the edge of the Sahara desert, a relaxing break up in the mountains, a beach holiday complete with wind surfing, or simply a shopping trip in the cities, there is a lot of fun to be had....
Fascinating destinations with a view in India
While they may be a little out of the way, these scenic and beautiful destinations are well worth a visit when on holiday in India.  The wonderful surrounding scenery and exciting landscapes make for an experience of a lifetime....
Off the beaten path in fascinating Russia
Most people immediately think of the big cities when planning a holiday in Russia, but there is so much more to this huge and fascinating land than Moscow and St Petersburg. Yes, those cosmopolitan cities do have many attractions, but let’s go a little off the beaten path and have a look at just a couple of the many fascinating places to visit...
Where to stay in fascinating Morocco
Morocco, a fascinating land at the northern tip of Africa, has many attractions, as well as some really unusual places to stay when on holiday.  Whether staying in a major city, or in a mountain retreat, or on an excursion with the Berber people, you are spoiled for choice...
Amazing places to discover in China
China is not just about the dreadful pollution in Beijing, the Great Wall of China or shop-until-you drop in Hong Kong.  The country has some truly fascinating destinations for the traveler to explore that are almost out of this world in their sheer beauty and uniqueness...
A Cultural Homestay in Madrid
.. It is one of the world's greatest cities with an amazing multicultural atmosphere. The tourism sector is one of the most important sectors of the capital economy. The Homestay in Madrid gives the student the opportunity to experience the way of life  of the local people and to learn Spanish through immersion....
Why Volunteering is Right for You!
If soaking up the sun in ‘Costa del Wherever’ isn’t your idle way of spending summers or time abroad, then this means you prefer to get something a little more meaningful and memorable from your time abroad....
How to Travel Around the USA
The USA is an amazing country and a wonderful place to live. Unfortunately, many people live in the country and still do not know what it really looks like. Traveling around the USA is a great way for you to see different areas and really see how people live....
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Perfect Holiday in Portugal
Portugal has long been a favourite holiday destination for people from all walks of life – from couples and families to individuals and groups, this sunny European country has an established tourist trade that is well practiced in catering for the needs of young and old alike....
Palma Contemporary vs Traditional
Majorca's capital city Palma can beat many other European cities for a weekend break hands down without even trying too hard. The city is big enough that you are spoilt for things to do when you are there, but small enough that you can easily navigate around on foot and by public transport....
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